Tools - Capture

Canon 5DMKIII bodies
Canon L series lenses
Sigma Art series lenses
Fuji X100
Canon Speedlites
Bowens Gemini lighting, stands and modifiers
Tamrac Bags
Lowepro Bags
Peli Cases
Manfrotto Tripods, Geared Heads + various supports/grips
Pocket Wizard Transceivers
Lastolite modifiers / Reflectors
MacBook Pro laptops
Rosco diffusers
Tether Tools cables + misc
Lee Filter Systems

+ Many other bits and pieces that I've picked up along the way.. 


Tools - Post Production

Phase One Capture Pro  
Adobe Photoshop
Apple Time Machine
Folder Sync

Mac Pro
Apple Cinema Monitors
Wacom Graphics Tablet
Various External Drives from Lacie
Datacolor Spyder Monitor Calibration tool and software

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