100+ hours shooting, 100+ dishes... 1 recipe book...

Last month Reds True BBQ released their first BBQ recipe book.. I had the pleasure to spend 10 days shooting the imagery for the book. We shot most of the images on location in James Douglas' woodland garden which gave us the perfect space and backdrop for the rustic gritty style of BBQ these guys love. The rest of the imagery was shot in the Reds Restaurant in Manchester.

A big chunk of the images were shot with natural daylight which is great as it simplifies the whole process. With the 100+ recipes we needed to get through we had to work efficiently.
Working with a stylist is a massive positive on this type of shoot and Rob Morris was on set to art direct and make everything look great. I even let him share my tent..
Yes we camped on location. Lap of luxury..

Everything was shot into Capture One for review by Scott and the guys on the fly.. Shooting tethered to a laptop is slightly restrictive but absolutely necessary in my opinion. Not just for reviewing imagery but for backing up the mass of data you get through day to day. I think we got through 175GB of images all in all.

Despite the long days and rain we got through it and came away with some great content and had a blast along the way.
All in all the guys from Reds were really happy, Orion Publishing were happy and it seems everybody who's bought the book is happy. Job done.. Roll on the next book..!!

A few samples and some of my favourites from the book

James Brown Photographer
Food Photography, Interior Photography, People Photography,
Sheffield, Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool, London

American Road trip all in the name of BBQ..

For the last couple of years I've been fortunate to be asked to tag along with the guys from Reds True Barbecue and provide photography to document their annual Pilgrimage to America.

Working alongside James Newman of Reds to document the trip we travelled through America taking in some of the best BBQ food the USA has to offer.
Working on the road is a challenge, most days involve long hours shooting in less than ideal conditions with very small windows of time to grab the shots.. The Reds Pilgrimage Blog was updated daily so images were needed pretty much immediately which means processing imagery on the move. Working on images on a cramped moving bus is a challenge at the best of times but add the fact that the guys love to party and prank and you're immersed in a chaotic world of BBQ meets Jackass..

Roll on 2016.. here's hoping for an invite!

The Reds blog is a really good read so give it a look over and if you like BBQ then get down to one of their restaurants as the food is just awesome..

2015 was a little different as we had FHM magazine come along for the ride to add to the chaos. Focusses the mind when your told your shooting for an 8 page spread. No pressure then...
Turns out the Art Director at FHM loved the images, so, fingers crossed our paths will cross again in the future!

FHM Magazine June 2015




James Brown Photographer
Food Photography, Interior Photography, People Photography,
Sheffield, Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool, London