James Brown..   (insert joke here..)

A Commercial photographer based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire specialising in Food, Interior and people photography.

Born in the North of England, I went to school.. did good.. had no interest in University so turned to a more hands on approach.. 
An electrical engineering apprenticeship..

12 years later I gave into the fact that this was, in fact, a mistake and that it just wasn't for me. 

What I should of been doing was the creative stuff I loved.
Who really knows anything at 16..

So after a solid career as a design engineer I decided to quit the engineering field.
Sold everything except my bikes, vinyl and hifi then moved to Ghent, Belgium… 3 years later I moved back again..

Next stop.. France... for the first of what would be many long eventful summers living the dream guiding for Trailaddiction (thanks Ash..)
Bruised, battered and running low on money I decided home was calling..

Returning home I decided to teach myself how to use a camera.. 
At some point during a part time photography course I remember the tutor saying “you really should give this a go full-time”..

So.. Thanks to Rick Tampion..

Here I am years later...

I’ve not won awards..
I've not made a million..
I’ve not worked for anyone famous..

There’s time though… "good work breeds good work" as someone used to say.
I’m still getting up to do the stuff I love and chipping away at that thing called "success"..








Zero.. (Work in progress.)


Me.. (Working hard to change that one day..)


Do I have a fancy studio in a cool building? Do I have a PA? An H.R. department? An espresso bar?

None of that..
I work by myself. All of the capture and post production work is done by my hand. I work out of a modest re-purposed loft in an end terraced house in a quiet village called Deepcar located on the edge of the Peak District.
If a project requires studio time I'll look at hiring a space to suit the project however the type of work I do usually means shooting at the clients location.